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 Welcome to our portfolio of murals and decorative painting.  The integrity for quality workmanship and the knowledge of art history and theory allows us to maintain skill and commitment to the traditional methods and materials used for hundreds of years. 

Innovative and talented the artisan of hand-painted fine art, murals, decorative painting and faux finishes is recognized for his artistry of original decorative designs, versatility, experience and creativity.   

Incorporating the techniques and styles of the past with the trends and materials of today, from historic styles to contemporary the scope of decorative painting is boundless. 

Each commission is approached with an eye for the client's individual style while drawing upon the artist's own inspirations to create the perfect artwork or effect desired.  Interior or exterior, residential, commercial or the public our hand-painted designs and applications create beautiful environments adding beauty and value to any given space.

Diverse in media and a variety of techniques to decorate or transform any functional and nonfunctional surfaces include though not limited to we create faux marbling, wood graining or stone block.  Trompe l’oeil murals tricking the eye where objects are rendered to emphasize the illusion of tactile and spatial qualities. Other materials and processes include Venetian plaster, Strie, Gold Leafing or Glazing.

Our commitment to the highest standard of professionalism ensures that our projects are completed on time and on budget so it is our mission to foster and promote excellence.  Our reputation depends on the satisfaction of our clients.

Turning ordinary spaces into the extraordinary we would be delighted to share with you more about our painting services and what we can do for you.  

As you review our portfolio, keep in mind the murals, decorative painting and furniture shown is a small sampling of the artist’s work.  From small private places to large pubic spaces we use our expertise to create the perfect finish or effect for your home or business.


All images on this site are protected by copyright unless otherwise stated.  Please do not copy or reproduce images in any way without prior written authorization by the artist.

Thank you.